Before an after Knowing your Morphology


There's always a before and after, Do you know your body type?
In this ocassion we present you the advantages of knowing your morphology and how to maximize and get excellent results when you know your body, you would be surprised with the alternatives you have when  creating differents outfits to make the closet work for you
Embrace your silhouette, because you are going to identify the areas of your body that you like and will take advantage of them, You’ll be happy with your closet also knowing the pieces that fit you according to body type to maximize your space and always find what to wear
 You will create outfits according to your style, that way you will be excited to play with pieces and combinations that you can create, also making smart purchases only buying pieces in your  favor, being able to use different outfits that maximize your style and save money, feeling more confident and definitely saying goodbye to the eternal black color if you didn't dare to use vivid colors before.